Thursday, June 3, 2010

No School Like the Old School

Where did my online adult adventure begin? In 2000, with pay per minute webcam sites. And it never really stopped. I still love the premise and attraction of private shows. The interaction, the personal connection. The potential for each one to be unique.

Probably better to show vs. telling, so here are a few early pics. Each one links to my actual pages on the site(all links are 18+ only):

In the future I plan on offering more fetish photos and videos on the Fanclub there. Will share...keep you posted.

If you'd like to see all of the older stuff, it's still available via the Fanclub. Archived photos, videos, and prior live shows (called "Live Moments") are housed there. Tons of hardcore for you OldSchool Julie Fans.

Little Gems

Hot weather makes me want to throw strangers over my knee and spank them. One after another. On the street, in the grocery store, at the gas station. Pants down, bare assed. With my little pink handprints welting up before they know what happened.

That's all. The End.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Younger Me, Meet 2010

It's funny when you look back at times you were younger and made questionable relationship decisions, isn't it?

A friend recently emailed a link to music by a guy I casually dated (read: slept with) a lifetime or two ago. I laughed thinking about the times with the friend who had sent the email. Chasing boys, being young and heartbroken. Concurrently silly and tragic.

So what did I do next? What all modern women do - I Googled him. I mean, you gotta know these things right? And found his Twitter account. Only to decide I didn't know if we would get along these days.

Actually, I should rephrase. First thought, "Wow, you're kind of a dick aren't you?"

Maybe it's time that's made him a judgmental asshat. Or the bounds of written words that make him seem pretentious. Or maybe, just maybe, I was a shitty judge of character at 18 years old and he's been this way all along.

It appears he's got a very driven sugar mama and a simple, yet culturally elitist lifestyle today. Pretty sure that was always in him.

My friend and I? We were the wild children that made him feel alive, dirty, a little dangerous. He was older, in his late 20's/early 30's. Hanging out with us made him feel something more primal. Lust and sex, hunger from girls just learning their power. We were burning energy that would not last forever. And he wanted to feel it's warmth. Wanted to stand close to that core.

We used each other. Very, very well. It ended the way a good fluff, long distance relationship should. It lost it's appeal. I was done pretending his half assed offerings were good enough. The last time we talked he apologized for something-or-another out of a drunken bar scene and I hung up.

I loved that period of time. For what I shared with my best girlfriend, for what we figured out about ourselves. For learning our powers and limits.

But the dudes? What was I thinking??

Your turn: What past relationships do you question, and why?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Democratic Toes: Vote

Somebody remind me this weekend...I want to get a pedicure and do some foot fetish pics.

We're going to play the Democracy game: "What color toes do you vote for?"

- Red
- Pink
- Black
- Purple

Cast your vote by commenting below, citizens of Julieville ;)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Desert Shout Out

The desert says hello! It's always showing off in front of my cameraphone ;)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chastity Day

What is Miss Julie feeling today? Hmmm. Desire for control.

I was window shopping for new goodies on one of my favorite toy shops when a particular device captured my perverted attention. And a fantasy was born. We all know the way my dirty mind works ;)

I want to have a man's hormones and hard-on in my capable, domineering hands. Figuratively? Literally? It's all mental. To have him give his sexuality over to me. The decision of when he will release, if he will ever release his mounting sexual tension.

I would use something like this (over 18 only) to make his manhood mine. For as long as I like. Protected from any other woman, any other man, even himself. My possession. Until I say the word, his orgasm belongs to me. Who knows...I may take his pleasure today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Whenever I decide.

I'm going to make this little fantasy real today. It will begin :) Mark my words. Chastity Day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ask Miss Julie: "Gay Marriage"

Today's Reader Submitted Question: "Do you support gay marriage?"

Answer: Yes.

I'm bisexual. Not just for the cameras or "because guys like it" (dude, I heard Snooki from Jersey Shore say it and threw up a little in my mouth).

So why wouldn't I support my own rights? If I fell in love with a woman and wanted to commit to her for the rest of my life, I don't feel it would be any different than the way I've committed to and married a man. I've been in love with women, and it feels no different, emotionally, than being in love with men. Except, of course, you get to share clothes ;)

I'm sure it isn't the same for all bisexuals. Some are more emotionally serious about one sex, but fool around and experiment sexually with the other. For those folks, their opinions on same sex marriage may differ from mine. I'm no expert. My opinion and support is based on personal experience.

And your thoughts arrre?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Stylin Vagina

Pubic hair. If you watch any amount of porn, you've already seen it. Every style and shape. The full bush, the Spencer Pratt beard, the triangle, the landing strip, the stripe, the trail, the heart shaped box, the lightning bolt, the initial, the brazilian, and the bald beaver.

A woman's choice in vaginal coif is very personal. You may have your preferences. But unless you're eating her pussy daily, you have no say in what she does to her vag. Just remember, mama's always got final veto on her girlie parts ;)

And there are multiple ways to get to a preferred hairdo: scissor trimming, hair removal creams, shaving, waxing. Once I even saw a girl in a strip club dressing room plucking her pubes out one by one with tweezers. Ow. Masochism much? I've called it "my deforestation project", "bushwacking", "the bikini blitz", and more.

Ladies, what do you do with your lovely lady locks? ;)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Miss "Tits and Ass" USA

So the Miss USA pageant is in the news. Like they didn't plan this PR stunt...

They took some promo modeling photos of the contestants and they're provocative. Granted, they're done really well. Black and white, great photographer, styled well. If you haven't seen them, Google it. Hot. I wouldn't call them softcore porn (as some people have), but they're on par with Victoria's Secret.

The hubbub is from folks who think of beauty pageants from the days of Miss America and little girls sitting glued to the television. Emulating these "scholarship contestants".

Let's be clear: the wholesome Miss America mystique is dead, and Donald Trump's Miss USA is dancing on her grave. Don't like it? Don't watch it. But it's a sign of the times.

Now...I would hope none of the contestants was coerced into showing more than she was comfortable with. And if I had a kid I wouldn't be watching pageants with them. Or entering them into pageants - have you seen that TLC reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras"? That shit is twisted...but that's a whole other post.

But barring those things, I'm decidedly "eh" about this issue. Beauty pageants have become adults-only viewing. And by "adults only", I pretty much mean me and my girlfriends, a pitcher of margaritas, and a whole lot of "holy hell have you seen that DRESS?!"

Much like the internet, television has got something for all ages and tastes. It's up to you to decide and monitor what you watch or look for. If you're looking for tits and ass, Donald Trump and his girls have got some for ya. Yee haw! See ya there ;)

Your thoughts? Will you be watching? What do you think of the "racy" photos? Who's your favorite model/state/contestant/future porn star/ know what I mean?

Hey! I'm going to start doing an "Ask Miss Julie" post on Fridays. So let me know your questions! Advice, tips, questions about my experiences? Feel free to ask. Keep the questions generally respectful and I won't have a problem with them. If it's something I don't feel like answering...don't worry, I won't ;) LOL But you know me, I'm pretty open for talking anything sex!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Girls in Glasses

Maybe it's because I've been nearsighted since the 3rd grade. That could have colored my preferences. Or perhaps it's because I have had to pay attention to frame styles and colors and thickness...

But I think girls in glasses are so hot!!

Do you all like ladies in specs, or is it just me?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shooting Today

Off to shoot a few videos today :) A couple humiliation ones and a messy foot fetish one.

Any suggestions for next week's shoots, my pervs? Love to hear your fantasies. If they're interesting I may just indulge them.

Have a great day,
xoxo Miss Julie

Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Get on a Girl's Bad Side 101

I would like to make clear, if it wasn't obvious to you, I enjoy taking requests for fetish videos. Items or body parts you fantasize about, actions you find fascinating or can't get enough of.

I do not, however, take requests involving costly and/or painful permanent or semi-permanent changes to my physical being. Makeup, wigs, dress up, costumes are great, fun, temporary. Permanent changes or insulting suggestions are not.

Let's all learn by example, shall we, class? Introducing my new course "How to Get on a Girl's Bad Side 101":

Dear Mr. Fucktard SuggestionBox,

1) I didn't ask for a critique of my body. Kindly keep it to yourself. You either like it or you don't. Emailing to explain what you don't specifically like about a woman's body, all the while getting off to her photos and videos? It's pretty misogynistic. Don't like something about me? I'm not changing for anyone but me. Move on and find someone else. It's the interwebs. Go search, there is someone for everyone.

2) No I will not have surgery to change my breasts into something you like better. I wouldn't even do that for a romantic partner. And you, sir, are a complete stranger I know nothing about. Not to mention it would cost between $5,000-$10,000 and include considerable physical pain. Do you have 10 grand laying around? Because I don't. If you're offering, I'd happily take it. And do whatever the fuck I like with it. Consider it the new AssHat Tax.

3) No I will not dye my hair because you like it better another way. You do realize this is MY body we're talking about, right? Like, I walk around in it everyday, a real person with thoughts and feelings and everything...I even have people who love me, who I love. No seriously. Girls on the internet are real people, I swear, I read a story about it once. They eat, and breathe, and read. It's, like, another dimension, where they exist outside the realm of your personal fantasy. Freaky right? And, like, sometimes, those girls have preferences and opinions of their own - no fucking shit, it blew my mind, dude. (please tell me you understand sarcasm and satire?)

Class dismissed. Break for recess.

For those who are submissive, insulting me is not a game I play in session. If you try this as a passive-aggressive way to get me pissed and yourself more excited, you will quickly and assuredly find yourself blocked.

To everyone else, you know - the majority, with functioning brains - have a great day! Thanks for reading and not being a dimwit, I sure do appreciate it ;) *muah*!

And now, on to more important and worthy things. I feel much better now.

xoxo Miss Julie

Monday, February 15, 2010

What's Miss Julie Up To Now?

What has Miss Julie been up to lately? Oh you lucky, lucky fetishists hehe....

I have been playing around with video. Exploring new lighting, angles, and editing. I have learned to film in hd on manual (very handy) and am tweaking the light rigs to get the best views.


I'm making some fresh fetish videos, of course! Hope to offer them through a few different clip store sites so you all can download your faves.

So far I've done one foot fetish video. Very fun! Going to be working on the editing for that and filming a few more. I'm thinking the next will be a humiliation video, maybe something fun and fantastical (ha) like giantess fetish. Or balloons.

Whaddaya think, my worshippers? :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taking Requests

Thinking about doing new foot fetish videos. Any requests out there, foot fetish fans? Lay 'em on me!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Two Days Too Late

Oh come on. Talk about bad timing.

Yesterday I saw that porn mega star Janine Lindemulder was offering private webcam shows. I was all, "Seriously?? Holy crap I need to see one of those!" Cuz, I mean, really? What could be better than getting one of the Vivid girls to take your requests in PRIVATE?? No brainer there.

So I was all excited, and was going to tell you guys every detail of my Janine webcam experience when...


Ok, ok, let's back it up - more info is needed here. If you didn't already know, the lust-worthy Miss Janine has had some legal issues and spent a bit of time in the slammer, followed by a halfway house. Nothing scandalous, really, just business/tax issues.

So, she's been free a while but the officials in charge of her parole have decided she can no longer do cam shows or other adult work until she's totally done with parole, September 7.

Motherfucking cocksucking bad timing!! If I had only caught her live on webcam two days ago :(

Janine's webcam bio page:

I'll be checking to see when she's back and let you all know. If you all hear any info, let me know k?

We're pulling for you, Janine, keep your chin up!

Free Videos: Rachel BJ

Today, my fellow pervs, we get video clips from Rachel - yay! I was checking her out on twitter and had a wicked fantasy about kissing this uber-hottie. Lucky for all of us, Rachel offered some videos for us to get off to.

In the video, she treats Buzz to a BJ and makes him squirt on her big boobs (now you KNOW you have to be over 18 to watch THIS):

Rachel is super sweet, very cool, and yes I've met her and can verify she's not a fake. She may be high glam, sure. But she's also smart, friendly, and freakin hilarious! The life of the party, she and her man Buzz are always up for a good time with good people.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today's Crush

Today's crush is Mnislahi. She's exotic, petite, brunette, and an all-around badass. 18 piercings and 4 tattoos on a tiny, hot-assed frame? Sign me up. She satisfies my lets-get-drunk-and-makeout-while-terrorizing-the-neighborhood desires. Besides, any girl who can't live without her iPhone and admits to loving all the Star Wars movies along with "The Goonies"? Duhh, that's a girl for me.

I particularly like her girl/girl photos and the set "Nikon Night".

If you're in the mood for smart, cute, alternative girls...crush on Mnislahi with me. She's here: - Pin-Up Punk Rock and Goth Girls
Punk Rock Pinup Girls

Monday, January 11, 2010

Free Video Gallery - Diamond

I love Diamond! Ok, you've been warned. I know this girl, personally. She is one hot, sweet, real woman. She really IS that sexy. She really IS that cute. She really IS that feminine.

We met back a few years ago at a porn industry convention. And have kept in touch ever since. She's one of those amazingly down to earth porn-star-next-door types. We need more of those, don't you agree?

You be good to my girl now, ya hear? ;)

Clicking this "come hither" pic will take you to a free video gallery, "Digital Bombshell", courtesy of our Diamond (18+):

If you want more Diamond, here ya go, it's a DJ Buffet, baby:
One-on-one shows, screename "DiamondJames"

She also has all her videos, voyeur cameras, and free weekly members shows on her website, I will be watching, see ya there:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Live Show Review - Amber

Caught a show from Amber today. It was a little over 9 minutes long, more than enough time for getting off. And very, very satisfying.

I am a sucker for real-girl appeal. Not, like, I want to know what her last burp sounded like...but I want to get a feel for her personality as well as looks. Yeah, yeah, I hear you, sometimes a girl is so hot you can overlook a personality you're not into. I agree. But, if given a choice, I'll take a cute chick with a tight body whose intellectual lights are on over high maintenance ANY day.

Within a minute you can tell Amber is all there. She's quick, well spoken, and wants to get you off. She didn't waste time, didn't play dumb to milk the clock (and your wallet in the process).

And she's a real cutie! Brunette with a magnetic smile, bright eyes, and tight body to boot. If I were to cast a well known actress as Amber? A hotter, naked Tina Fey. I dig Tina Fey, so that's a compliment. If you love perky little tits (and I love ALL tits), this girl has got them. Light pink, swollen nipples. Dark red, real nails. Matching red lips and toenails. Trimmed pussy with light pink, shaved lips. "Come lick me" pussy hairstyle hehe.

And GREAT taste in lingerie. Today she was wearing a dark brown bra and panty set that I loved. Black thigh highs with lace tops. What, brown isn't on your fantasy list? Let me tell you, open your mind. Because this outfit on this girl gave the "real girl" thing even more credibility.

Amber started with a quickie striptease and moved on to leaning back in her chair and spreading her thighs. Followed by her soft pink lips. Plunged her red-tipped fingers into her tight puss and teased before asking about anal.

Oh yeah, the girl likes anal, boys and girls! Amber pulled out a mid sized pink butt plug and slid it into her butt. It was the first chance I'd had to check out her ass. And it was as round and tight as I'd hoped! She pushed the butt plug in as deep as it would go while playing with her clit and moaning.

Definitely got me all wet, mmm hmm.

I got this private show on the PrivateCamz network featuring "AmberLily"

You can also see Amber on her personal website, here: