Friday, February 19, 2010

How to Get on a Girl's Bad Side 101

I would like to make clear, if it wasn't obvious to you, I enjoy taking requests for fetish videos. Items or body parts you fantasize about, actions you find fascinating or can't get enough of.

I do not, however, take requests involving costly and/or painful permanent or semi-permanent changes to my physical being. Makeup, wigs, dress up, costumes are great, fun, temporary. Permanent changes or insulting suggestions are not.

Let's all learn by example, shall we, class? Introducing my new course "How to Get on a Girl's Bad Side 101":

Dear Mr. Fucktard SuggestionBox,

1) I didn't ask for a critique of my body. Kindly keep it to yourself. You either like it or you don't. Emailing to explain what you don't specifically like about a woman's body, all the while getting off to her photos and videos? It's pretty misogynistic. Don't like something about me? I'm not changing for anyone but me. Move on and find someone else. It's the interwebs. Go search, there is someone for everyone.

2) No I will not have surgery to change my breasts into something you like better. I wouldn't even do that for a romantic partner. And you, sir, are a complete stranger I know nothing about. Not to mention it would cost between $5,000-$10,000 and include considerable physical pain. Do you have 10 grand laying around? Because I don't. If you're offering, I'd happily take it. And do whatever the fuck I like with it. Consider it the new AssHat Tax.

3) No I will not dye my hair because you like it better another way. You do realize this is MY body we're talking about, right? Like, I walk around in it everyday, a real person with thoughts and feelings and everything...I even have people who love me, who I love. No seriously. Girls on the internet are real people, I swear, I read a story about it once. They eat, and breathe, and read. It's, like, another dimension, where they exist outside the realm of your personal fantasy. Freaky right? And, like, sometimes, those girls have preferences and opinions of their own - no fucking shit, it blew my mind, dude. (please tell me you understand sarcasm and satire?)

Class dismissed. Break for recess.

For those who are submissive, insulting me is not a game I play in session. If you try this as a passive-aggressive way to get me pissed and yourself more excited, you will quickly and assuredly find yourself blocked.

To everyone else, you know - the majority, with functioning brains - have a great day! Thanks for reading and not being a dimwit, I sure do appreciate it ;) *muah*!

And now, on to more important and worthy things. I feel much better now.

xoxo Miss Julie


  1. Hi Julie, I have always been a big fan and think you are beautiful. I'm sorry there are some idiots out there that just are too demanding. I believe those are the guys that really need to get away from the computer for a bit and get some human contact (get a girlfriend). I'm not really into the S&M, fetish thing and miss you on camz. But I understand the changing interest and hope for one day to follow. I am a big legs in stockings fan and think you are the best in that regards but also everything else as well. An awesome personality and just the warmest smile. Please ignore the idiots and keep enjoying life. BO)

  2. Well thank you! I am sure you will be seeing some stockings from me soon ;) Muaaah! xoxo Miss Julie