Monday, January 11, 2010

Free Video Gallery - Diamond

I love Diamond! Ok, you've been warned. I know this girl, personally. She is one hot, sweet, real woman. She really IS that sexy. She really IS that cute. She really IS that feminine.

We met back a few years ago at a porn industry convention. And have kept in touch ever since. She's one of those amazingly down to earth porn-star-next-door types. We need more of those, don't you agree?

You be good to my girl now, ya hear? ;)

Clicking this "come hither" pic will take you to a free video gallery, "Digital Bombshell", courtesy of our Diamond (18+):

If you want more Diamond, here ya go, it's a DJ Buffet, baby:
One-on-one shows, screename "DiamondJames"

She also has all her videos, voyeur cameras, and free weekly members shows on her website, I will be watching, see ya there:

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