Saturday, January 9, 2010

Live Show Review - Amber

Caught a show from Amber today. It was a little over 9 minutes long, more than enough time for getting off. And very, very satisfying.

I am a sucker for real-girl appeal. Not, like, I want to know what her last burp sounded like...but I want to get a feel for her personality as well as looks. Yeah, yeah, I hear you, sometimes a girl is so hot you can overlook a personality you're not into. I agree. But, if given a choice, I'll take a cute chick with a tight body whose intellectual lights are on over high maintenance ANY day.

Within a minute you can tell Amber is all there. She's quick, well spoken, and wants to get you off. She didn't waste time, didn't play dumb to milk the clock (and your wallet in the process).

And she's a real cutie! Brunette with a magnetic smile, bright eyes, and tight body to boot. If I were to cast a well known actress as Amber? A hotter, naked Tina Fey. I dig Tina Fey, so that's a compliment. If you love perky little tits (and I love ALL tits), this girl has got them. Light pink, swollen nipples. Dark red, real nails. Matching red lips and toenails. Trimmed pussy with light pink, shaved lips. "Come lick me" pussy hairstyle hehe.

And GREAT taste in lingerie. Today she was wearing a dark brown bra and panty set that I loved. Black thigh highs with lace tops. What, brown isn't on your fantasy list? Let me tell you, open your mind. Because this outfit on this girl gave the "real girl" thing even more credibility.

Amber started with a quickie striptease and moved on to leaning back in her chair and spreading her thighs. Followed by her soft pink lips. Plunged her red-tipped fingers into her tight puss and teased before asking about anal.

Oh yeah, the girl likes anal, boys and girls! Amber pulled out a mid sized pink butt plug and slid it into her butt. It was the first chance I'd had to check out her ass. And it was as round and tight as I'd hoped! She pushed the butt plug in as deep as it would go while playing with her clit and moaning.

Definitely got me all wet, mmm hmm.

I got this private show on the PrivateCamz network featuring "AmberLily"

You can also see Amber on her personal website, here:

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