Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bring the Kink, Bitches

Also, let me know about your fantasies for Clips. Confess, confess ;) I want to know what gets your twisted little brain off. Maybe it will get me off too and wind up on Video ;)

Mistress Julie

VOD Recommendations

I know of two Video on Demand (VOD) sites that have a fetish section or overall theme: Clips4Sale and

Anyone have other recommendations?

I would like to offer my fetish clips to you Pervie McPervins ;) LOL!

Miss Julie

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blackmail Session

I saw you. Saw when you snuck into your roommate's room and violated her privacy. Watched through the window as you opened her panty drawer and looked around to make sure nobody was there. Like a criminal. You picked out the lacey red would. Stuffed them in your pocket and retreated to your bedroom. I went around and looked in your window as you took the frilly underpants out of your pocket and put them on your face, sniffing.

But if I thought that was the worst of your offenses, I was in for a surprise. Because then I watched in horror as you took off your pants and underwear to expose yourself rock hard. I watched, slightly amused and fully disgusted, while you slipped her panties over your legs and hitched them up onto your hips. Your dick was showing through her bright red undergarment. Pervert!

You started to touch yourself, slowly, methodically, through the silky underwear. It was just then that I took out my phone and clicked on the "Camera" option...

And now you must pay for your crimes ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Feeling Gifty?

Looking for a way to Give? Contribute to My College Fund!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calling my Twisted Pervs!!

Taking phone sessions for a bit longer today ;)

Click to join in:

xoxo Mistress Julie

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pervie Sunday

My pervie mind loves, loves, loves the archive function at this site!!

Today I watched Jade give a 10 minute foot fetish show. Petite, brunette, tight little body. She got her soles and toes right up in the camera. Very hot! Highly recommended.

Hope your pervie minds are working overtime today, too ;-)

Mistress Julie

Thursday, May 28, 2009


My interest in BDSM and Fetishes has grown over time. It started around '01, maybe? I jumped in with both feet.

I'd been the stereotypical "good girl" type, always the sweet and understanding girlfriend, coworker, etc etc. Even if I were seething inside, I'd make "nicey nice" and give ya a smile. I took a lot of crap. And rarely returned it.

By '01 I had been doing webcam shows for a couple years. They gave me the freedom to explore many "hats": roleplay, domination, fetish. To my shock, I truly enjoyed the power of being dominant. Speaking my mind, letting loose the thoughts actually going through my head as men fawned and drooled *eye roll here*, toying with power roles.

I wanted to explore this in my real life. My partner wasn't submissive, so I needed a few willing participants. Enter the community domination for women course! Haha! A girlfriend of mine was going to a class through the local community education center and wanted to know if I would join her...learning to humiliate and dominate submissives. Uh, hell yeah!

We attended the two hour class and approached the instructor afterwards about further instruction. She jumped at the chance to add us to her professional dungeon. First as trainees, shadowing experienced pro dom's in their daily sessions. Later as confident pro doms ourselves. I saw a lot of things and experienced a lot of growth there. It only solidified my desire to know more, explore more. Technical and mental.

I have found, over time, I really enjoy the online/phone session. They allow for freedom for both the dom and the sub. The mental aspect of domination has always been the most exciting part for me. Anybody can learn to tie ropes, properly wield a flogger and paddle, strap on a corset and boots. Voila! Insta-dom. Not every "pro" is all that interested in the mental aspects of bdsm, but it happens to be my favorite part.


Twitter fans, I'm there!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Fetish Fantasy Videos

Hello pets,

I added 5 downloadable videos today, click the pic to check them out:

I'm live on Niteflirt tonight, pop by...

Mistress Julie

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome Slaves, Pets, Whores, and Paychecks!

Hello there,

How are my little submissives today? Ready and willing to serve? I thought so, that's exactly how I like you :)

Today I got a call from a virgin anal trainee. That's right, a virgin ass for Mistress! I think I may have drooled. Can you imagine how high I got his butt in the air before satisfying it with my strap on? Mm Mm good.

I will be available for calls on Niteflirt today and I expect you to call and serve:

If you have never used Niteflirt before, you can sign up via this button and receive 3 free minutes of pure phone bliss ;)

Have a wonderful day on your knees, my subbies.

- Mistress Julie