Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chastity Day

What is Miss Julie feeling today? Hmmm. Desire for control.

I was window shopping for new goodies on one of my favorite toy shops when a particular device captured my perverted attention. And a fantasy was born. We all know the way my dirty mind works ;)

I want to have a man's hormones and hard-on in my capable, domineering hands. Figuratively? Literally? It's all mental. To have him give his sexuality over to me. The decision of when he will release, if he will ever release his mounting sexual tension.

I would use something like this (over 18 only) to make his manhood mine. For as long as I like. Protected from any other woman, any other man, even himself. My possession. Until I say the word, his orgasm belongs to me. Who knows...I may take his pleasure today. Or tomorrow. Or next week. Whenever I decide.

I'm going to make this little fantasy real today. It will begin :) Mark my words. Chastity Day.

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